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TRB Conference Program
TRB 92nd Annual Meeting - Workshop Information
January 13-17, 2013
Washington, D.C.

The Human Factors Workshops have limits on attendance and require a separate ticket fee.

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Saturday, January 12, 2013
     9:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m.DAWG Forum on Pavement Performance Data Analysis
Sunday, January 13, 2013
     8:00 a.m.-noon102 - Advancing the Use of Culverts for Highway Bridges
129 - Freight in Mega-Regions
109 - Preserving the Lost Art of Highway Geometric Design: Tools, Techniques, and Talent
     8:30 a.m.-noon100 - State of the Practice in Ground Tire Rubber–Modified Asphalt
101 - There Is Plenty of Room at the Bottom: Nanotechnology Applications for Asphalt and Concrete Materials
     9:00 a.m.-noon123 - Asset Management Plans Defined in MAP-21: What Does It Mean?
124 - Big Data Informatics: Innovations in Mining Structured and Unstructured Information for Mobility Decision Making
106 - Bridge and Tunnel Safety and Security Considerations: International Perspective
125 - Bus Rapid Transit Experience in the Developing Countries
117 - Challenges in Forecasting and Analyzing Air Cargo Traffic and Performance
126 - Counting on the Locals for Traffic Data
114 - Customer Perspectives: New Options and Expectations for a Performance-Oriented Transportation System
104 - Doctoral Student Research in Asphalt Materials and Mixtures
103 - Doctoral Student Research in Transportation Operations and Traffic Control
121 - Dwight David Eisenhower Transportation Fellowship Program: Innovative Doctoral Research
136 - Effective Practices and Challenges for Sustainable Communities Planning Funding Grantees to Promote Health, Community Engagement, and Equity in Planning and Project Implementation
128 - Effective Practices to Develop Environmental Research Needs Statements and Funding Opportunities
105 - Emerging Technologies to Support Direct Use of Design Data in Construction and Maintenance
122 - Exploration of Travel Patterns by Gender and Family Structure and the Potential for Policy Improvements
130 - From Surface to Air: New Challenges in Tribal Transportation
138 - Future of Low-Cost Interregional Passenger Mobility in North America and Europe
131 - Implementing SHRP2 Innovations: The Road from Research to Action
118 - In-Place Pavement Recycling
132 - Integrating Spatial and Business Data for Improved Decisions
139 - Interplay of Congestion Pricing and Alternative Modes
119 - Introduction to Freight for New and Young Members
133 - Lessons Learned from State Department of Transportation Activities Addressing Data for Decision Making and Performance Measures
107 - Pavement Marking Management: Best Practices and Safety Benefits
115 - Pivotal Role of Speed Management Across the Five Road Safety Pillars
108 - Practices for Unbound Aggregate Pavement Layers
134 - Pricing Start-ups: "Birthing" Pains for Priced Roadway Projects
141 - Reducing Risks and Costs of Climate Change: Preparedness and Adaptation in the Face of Increasingly Extreme Weather
120 - Risk Assessment, Part 1: Decision Support Models and Tools to Evaluate and Address Risk (Part 2, Session 171)
110 - Roundabout Knowledge Exchange
127 - Seeking Data for Environmental Justice in Transportation
135 - Sensing Technologies for Transportation Applications
111 - SHRP 2 Renewal: Products Making an Impact on Practice
112 - Social Media Strategy: Wake Up to the Social Media Challenge
113 - Systemic Safety Program Improvement Location Prioritization: Processes and Risk Factors
140 - Traffic Noise on Bridges and Structures: Challenges and Solutions
137 - Transitioning to Plug-in Electric Vehicles: Challenges and Best Practices
142 - Transportation Funding and Finance in the Age of MAP-21
143 - Understanding the Role of Individual Behavior in Sustainability of Transportation: Lessons for Program Design
116 - Work Flow for Automatic Machine Guidance in Transportation
     9:00 a.m.-4:30 p.m.145 - Economic and Social Impacts of High-Speed Rail Systems
146 - It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane! It’s an Unmanned Aircraft System: Meeting the Challenge of Accommodating Unmanned Aircraft Systems in Civil Airspace
144 - Soil, Foundation, and Structure Interaction of Bridge Systems
     9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.147A - HF-01 A New Look at Motorcycle Conspicuity and Motorcycle Safety Research
147B - HF-02 They Did What? How to Limit Operator Behavioral Adaptation Across All Modes of Travel
147C - HF-03 Ironies of Automation
147D - HF-04 Recent Advances in Young Driver Research: New Analytic Approaches from Recent and On-going Research
147E - HF-05 Are You TRAPT? A Workshop on Decision Making for Transportation Risk Analysis for Policy and Technology
147F - HF-06 Safety Data: What Is It? Where Is It? How Do We Use It?
147G - HF-07 What Drives Transportation Choices for Older Adults
147H - HF-08 A Framework for Positive Use of Culture in Traffic Safety
147I - HF-09 Innovative Pedestrian and Bicycle Accommodations at Roundabouts: New Ideas and Surpassing Barriers to Innovation
     9:30 a.m.-noon148 - Long-Term Pavement Performance State Coordinators' Meeting
     1:30 p.m.-4:30 p.m.172 - Advancing Freight Planning
168 - Airport Terminal and Curbside Planning and Design: Applying Practical Tools Developed by Airport Cooperative Research Program
173 - Aligning Organizations with Needs of Their 21st Century Missions
149 - Analysis, Modeling, and Simulation in Support of Real-Time Operations and Management
174 - Anatomy of a Carbon Credit: How Transportation Agencies Can Engage in Carbon Markets
175 - Assessing the Future of Freight: Energy and Environmental Modeling in the Freight Sector
150 - Back to Basics: Fostering and Nurturing Research Agendas
176 - Building Consensus: Contemporary Tools and Techniques for Engaging the Public
169 - Concrete Crossties and Fastening Systems
151 - Context-Sensitive Solutions and Academia: Where Do We Stand?
177 - Creating Age-Friendly and Accessible Travel Environments
178 - Current Issues in Debt Financing of Transportation Projects in North America and Europe
179 - Current Practices in Rail, Frog, and Switch Point Grinding on Transit Systems
180 - Defining Bus Rapid Transit
152 - Deploying Soil and Rock Instrumentation to Solve Real Problems
153 - Emerging Technologies for Quality Assurance–Quality Control of Transportation Infrastructure
154 - Enhancing the Durability of Asphalt Pavements
182 - Factoring Bicycle and Pedestrian Data
193 - Finding or Building the Right Tool for the Job: Familiar and Cutting-Edge Tools for Transportation Demand Management Evaluation
155 - Fish Passage Design for Culverts Using FHWA Hydraulic Engineering Circular 26
156 - Getting Information to Construction: Smarter, Better, and Faster
157 - Highway–Rail Grade Crossing Inventory Data and Information Systems: Federal Requirements and Implementation of Innovative Technology to Improve Safety
158 - History of Superpave: Understanding the Past and Linking to the Future
159 - How Do You Turn This Driving Simulator On? Tutorial for Traffic Engineering and Roadway Design Research Using Driving Simulation
160 - Impact of Information on Decisions, Choices, and Behaviors of Travelers
184 - Knowing What We Know: Knowledge Audits
185 - MAP-21 Has Passed: Are We Ready for National Performance Management?
186 - New Perspectives on Stated-Response Experiments: Facing Up to Complexity, Subtlety, and Practicality
167 - Nondestructive Testing Automation: Combined Methods and Data Fusion
187 - On-Road and Off-Road Diesel Emissions Modeling, Monitoring, and Innovative Controls
188 - Policies, Strategies, and Technologies for Sustainable Transport in China
161 - Practical Health Monitoring for Transportation Structures
170 - Quality Control–Quality Assurance of Pavement Distress Data
171 - Risk Assessment, Part 2: Loss Estimation Models and Tools (Part 1, Session 120)
189 - Route Choice Modeling and Availability of Data Sets
162 - Service-Life Modeling of Concrete Elements
163 - So You Want to Be a Transportation Professional?
164 - Strategies to Mitigate Impacts of Heavy Loads Associated with the Energy Sector on Low-Volume Roads
165 - Successes in Accelerating Project Delivery
190 - The Future of National Household Travel Data: Getting Feedback from the User Community
191 - Transit Asset Management and Its Role in Promoting State of Good Repair
192 - Transportation Data Forecasting Competition
194 - Tribal Travel and Tourism Strategy and Implementation Under MAP-21
195 - Understanding the Impact of Deployment Best Practices to Reduce Petroleum, Clean the Air, and Mitigate Climate Change in the Transportation Sector
196 - Using Experimental and Behavioral Economics to Improve the Understanding of Road, Transit, and Parking Pricing
166 - Visualizing and Customizing Tools for Implementation of SHRP 2 Renewal Products
     1:30 p.m.-5:30 p.m.181 - Doctoral Student Research in Transportation Modeling
Thursday, January 17, 2013
     8:00 a.m.-noon835 - Advances in Preventing and Mitigating Alkali–Aggregate Reactivity
839 - After the National Transportation Workforce Summit: Answering the Call for Action
836 - Intelligent Construction Systems and Technologies for Concrete and Asphalt Pavements
837 - Progress Toward Performance Grade-Based Emulsified Asphalt Specifications
838 - Status of Long-Term Bridge Performance Program
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