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TRB 91st Annual Meeting (January 22-26, 2012)
Event Number:653
Event Title:Planning for Pedestrians
Event Date:Jan 24 2012 7:30PM- 9:30PM
Event Location:Marriott, Salon 2
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Pedestrian Infrastructure on the Public Right-of-Way: Aging Pedestrians and Prioritizing Sidewalk Hazards Using the Ultra Light Inertial Profiler (ULIP) (12-1439)
Walkability is an important criteria of livable communities and has been tied to health and social benefits. New planning concepts reducing car dependency will increase senior resident’s time on sidewalks. While cities are required by ADA laws to reduce sidewalk hazards, the time and cost of gathering exact data has been a deterrent. The typical sampling of elements such as sidewalks, curb ramps, pedestrian crossings, and obstructions do not provide an adequate understanding of the hazards and barriers throughout a district. In particular, prioritizing the most critical sidewalk hazard locations for city maintenance is not organized and tied to other street maintenance plans. A new and innovative tool, the ULIP, developed through the Federal Highway Administration, allows 100% sidewalk inventory and converts the data into a city’s GIS system. Knowing exactly the location and severity of sidewalk barriers increases the likelihood that all hazards are addressed, reducing the potential for falls and accidents. This innovative technology is now being tried in five cities. In the future, time and cost savings could be accrued, treating ADA code requirements on a regional rather that a city scale. As cities plan for greater sidewalk use by a new generation of aging residents, they can reduce potential accidents and the possibility of increased litigation.

     Khambatta, Arfaraz , Sally Swanson Architects
     Loewenherz, Franz , City of Bellevue

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