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TRB 89th Annual Meeting (January 10-14, 2010)
Event Number:149
Event Title:Parking Standards: Turning the Relationship Between Parking and Sustainable Transportation on Its Head
Event Date:Jan 10 2010 1:30PM- 4:30PM
Event Location:Marriott, Washington B6
Event Description:The use of ITE parking standards for new developments has led to a growing realization that such standards often produce inappropriate amounts of parking for new developments and that this practice has a major influence on travel demand as well as on the nature of the built environment in urban and suburban areas. Such parking standards may be incompatible with trends toward "new urbanism" and also undermine attempts to reduce single-occupant car use through parking management.
Event Agenda:The standards work against the possible operation of a market in parking provision. The subject is of interest, therefore, to a very wide range of TRB participants: to traffic engineers, land use planners, economists, urbanists and transport planners. Participants will observe arguments for and against the use of ITE parking standards, discover experiences from localities (including perhaps one international case) that have chosen to apply different parking standards (including maxima), and learn how to move forward in practice to parking standards that avoid some of the issues arising from general application of blanket minimum parking standards.

Parking Standards Within the Fairfax County Transportation Demand Management Parking Study (P10-1318)

     Porter, Christopher D., Cambridge Systematics, Inc.
     Jollon, Michael , AECOM

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