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TRB 89th Annual Meeting (January 10-14, 2010)
Event Number:438
Event Title:Current Issues in Transportation and the Environment
Event Date:Jan 12 2010 9:30AM- 12:00PM
Event Location:Hilton, International Center
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Analysis of Real-World Lead Vehicle Operation for Modal Emissions and Traffic Simulation Models (10-2370)
New models and data are needed in microscopic traffic simulation tools to allow effective use with newer modal tailpipe emissions models. Traffic simulation models offer the ability to simulate large second-by-second vehicle operation datasets as input for emissions models. However, more data is needed to improve simulation of second-by-second vehicle speed. This research analyzes and models the vehicle dynamics of unconstrained drivers in real-world driving situations based on road geometry. Vehicle dynamics data were collected using an instrumented vehicle driven by 22 volunteers, over a 17-mile predetermined test route. The objective of this research was to analyze and model the non-random speed variations in unconstrained lead drivers. The results of this study suggest horizontal and vertical curvature have a significant impact on the second-by-second operation of an unconstrained lead vehicle. Furthermore, these non-random changes in speed are important considerations since they can produce considerable variations in the level of tailpipe emissions.

     Jackson, Eric , University of Connecticut
     Aultman-Hall, Lisa , University of Vermont

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