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TRB 90th Annual Meeting (January 23-27, 2011)
Event Number:390
Event Title:Intelligent Transportation Systems Development and Applications
Event Date:Monday, January 24, 2011
Event Location:Marriott, Salon 2
Presiding Officers: Wei-Hua Lin - University of Arizona
Sponsored By: Intelligent Transportation Systems  (AHB15)

Event Description:No description available

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  Evaluation of Computer-Vision Tracking System for Collecting Traffic Data  (11-4162) - E02 
     Neeraj Krantiveer Kanhere - Clemson University
     Wayne A. Sarasua - Clemson University
     Stanley Birchfield - Clemson University
     Sara Khoeini - Clemson University
  Real-Time Freeway Experienced Travel-Time Prediction Using N-Curve and k Nearest Neighbor Methods (11-4060) - E04 
     Brenda Bustillos - University of Arizona
     Yi-Chang Chiu - University of Arizona
  Incident Duration Prediction for In-vehicle Navigation System (11-3830) - E06 
     Jun Simon Hu - Imperial College London, United Kingdom
     Rajesh Krishnan - Imperial College London, United Kingdom
     Michael G.H. Bell - University of Sydney, Australia
  Vehicle Trajectory Reconstruction for Signalized Intersections Using Variational Formulation of Kinematic Waves  (11-3727) - E08 
     Zhanbo Sun - Western Michigan University
     Xuegang (Jeff) Ban - Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
  Hybrid Route Choice Model for Dynamic Traffic Assignment (11-3509) - E10 
     Zhen Qian - Carnegie Mellon University
     H. Michael Zhang - University of California, Davis
  Transportation Impacts of Information Provision & Data Collection via Smartphones (11-3500) - E12 
     David Vautin - Metropolitan Transportation Commission
     Joan L. Walker - University of California, Berkeley
  Dynamic Freeway Path Travel Time Prediction Based on Nonparametric Regression Approach Using Dedicated Short-Range Communications Data (11-3063) - E14 
     Hyun Ho Chang - Seoul National University, South Korea
     Seong J. Namkoong - Korea Expressway Corporation
     Young-Ihn Lee - Seoul National University, South Korea
     Byoung-Jo Yoon - Incheon University
  Investigation of Bluetooth-Based Travel Time Estimation Error on a Short Corridor (11-3056) - E16 
     Yegor Malinovskiy - University of Washington
     Un Kun Lee - Busan Kyungsang College, South Korea
     Yao-Jan Wu - University of Arizona
     Yinhai Wang - University of Washington
  Camera Calibration for Roundabout Traffic Scenes (11-2763) - E18 
     Hai Dinh - University of Minnesota, Duluth
     Hua Tang - University of Minnesota, Duluth
     Eil Kwon - University of Minnesota, Duluth
  Key Factors Affecting the Accuracy of Reidentification of Trucks over Long Distances Based on Axle Measurement Data (11-0015) - F01 
     Mecit Cetin - Old Dominion University, Norfolk
     Christopher M. Monsere - Portland State University
     Andrew P. Nichols - Marshall University
     Ilyas Ustun - Old Dominion University, Norfolk
  Acceleration Estimation and Signature Matching Travel Time Estimation Enhancement for Standard Electromagnetic Vehicle Detectors (11-0299) - F02 
     Joseph Michael Ernst - Purdue University
     James V. Krogmeier - Purdue University
     Darcy M. Bullock - Purdue University
  Comparative Analysis of University Students' Acquisition and Use of Travel Information  (11-0752) - F03 
     Sanghoon Son - Jeju Development Institute
     Asad J. Khattak - University of Tennessee, Knoxville
     Juyin Chen - Virginia Department of Transportation
  Adaptive Information Fusion Model to Estimate Short-Term Link Travel Time Distribution (11-2908) - F04 
     Lili Du - Illinois Institute of Technology
     Srinivas Peeta - Purdue University
     Yong Hoon Kim - Purdue University
     Satish V. Ukkusuri - Purdue University
  Preliminary Estimation of Mobility Benefits of IntelliDrive (11-0728) - F05 
     Daiheng Ni - University of Massachusetts, Amherst
     Jia Li - University of Massachusetts Amherst
     Steven Patrick Andrews - University of Massachusetts, Amherst
     Haizhong Wang - Oregon State University
  Application of IntelliDrive to Address Oversaturated Conditions on Arterials (11-2649) - F06 
     Ramkumar Venkatanarayana - Virginia Center for Transportation Innovation and Research
     Hyungjun Park - University of Virginia
     Brian Lee Smith - University of Virginia
     Corbin Skerrit - University of Virginia
     Nina W. Ruhter - University of Virginia
  Information Impacts on Route Choice and Learning Behavior in a Congested Network: Experimental Approach (11-2275) - F07 
     Xuan Lu - University of Massachusetts, Amherst
     Song Gao - University of Massachusetts, Amherst
     Eran Ben-Elia - Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel
  Integrated Traffic-Communication Simulation Evaluation Environment for IntelliDrive Applications Using SAE J2735 Message Sets (11-2697) - F08 
     Hyungjun Park - University of Virginia
     Adelin Miloslavov - University of Virginia
     Joyoung Lee - New Jersey Institute of Technology
     Malathi Veeraraghavan - University of Virginia
     Brian Park - University of Virginia
     Brian Lee Smith - University of Virginia
  Estimation of Lane-Level Travel Times in Vehicle-to-Vehicle and Vehicle-to-Infrastructure-Based Traffic Information System (11-0190) - F09 
     Heesub Rim - Hanyang University, South Korea
     Cheol Oh - Hanyang University, South Korea
     Kyeong-Pyo Kang - Korea Transport Institute
     Seongho Kim - Hanyang University, South Korea
  Applying Emerging Private Sector Probe-Based Speed Data in the National Capital Region’s Planning Processes (11-0291) - F10 
     Andrew J. Meese - Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments
     Wenjing Pu - Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments
  Antenna Characterization for Bluetooth-Based Travel Time Data Collection (11-0607) - F11 
     J. David Porter - Oregon State University
     David Sungsup Kim - Oregon State University
     Mario E. Magana - Oregon State University
     Panupat Poocharoen - Oregon State University
     Carlos Antar Gutierrez Arriaga - Oregon State University
  Individual Travelers' Advice: System Setup, Measures, and Expected Results (11-1043) - F12 
     Victor L. Knoop - Delft University of Technology, Netherlands
     Wouter Schakel - Delft University of Technology, Netherlands
     Eline Jonkers - TNO, Netherlands
     Bart van Arem - Delft University of Technology, Netherlands
  Maintaining Privacy While Advancing Intelligent Transportation Systems Applications: An Analysis (11-1490) - F13 
     Ryan Fries - Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville
     Mashrur A. Chowdhury - Clemson University
     Mostafa Reisi Gahrooei - Georgia Institute of Technology
  Method for Preceding Vehicle Type Classification Based on Sparse Representation (11-1724) - F14 
     Yanwen Chong - Wuhan University, China
     Wu Chen - Hong Kong Polytechnic University
     Zhilin Li - Hong Kong Polytechnic University
     William H. K. Lam - Hong Kong Polytechnic University
  Multilevel Motion Pattern Learning for Traffic Behavior Analysis (11-2222) - F15 
     Hongyu Hu - Jilin University, China
     Zhaowei Qu - Jilin University, China
     Zhihui Li - Jilin University, China
     Dianhai Wang - Zhejiang University, China
  IntelliDrive: Establishing the New Foundation for Innovating Transit Safety (11-4290) - F16 
     Wei-Bin Zhang - University of California, Berkeley
  Software-in-the-Loop Simulation in Support of Evaluating Traffic Management Center Software (11-2469) - F17 
     Chengjun Zhan - Florida International University
     Patricio Alejandro Alvarez - Florida International University
     Mohammed Hadi - Florida International University
     Yan Xiao - Florida International University
  Survey of Models to Locate Sensors to Estimate Traffic Flows (11-2624) - F18 
     Monica Gentili - University of Salerno, Italy
     Pitu B. Mirchandani - Arizona State University
  Policy-Based Routing in Stochastic Networks with Incident Risks: Deviation from First-in-First-out Property (11-2708) - F20 
     Adeyemi James Fowe - Nokia
     Yupo Chan - University of Arkansas, Little Rock

Subject Areas:
  Operations and Traffic Management

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