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TRB 90th Annual Meeting (January 23-27, 2011)
Event Number:170
Event Title:Best Parking Pricing and Management Practices
Event Date:Sunday, January 23, 2011
Event Location:Hilton, Columbia Hall 1 & 2
Presiding Officers: Caroline Jane Rodier - University of California, Davis
Sponsored By: Transportation Demand Management  (ABE50)
Emerging and Innovative Public Transport and Technologies  (AP020)
Congestion Pricing  (ABE25)

Event Description:Best practices in parking demand and supply management in the United States, Europe, and Asia are showcased. Recent developments include wider adoption of pay-and-display, pay-by-phone, time-of-day-based parking pricing, real-time parking management information systems, substitution of shared bikes and cars for parking in urban centers, adoption of parking maximums, and comprehensive parking management programs.

  Best Practices and Lessons from Parking Policies Across Asia (P11-0303) 
     Paul A. Barter - National University of Singapore
  Best Practices and Lessons from U.S. Parking Policies (P11-0304) 
     Rachel R. Weinberger - Nelson\Nygaard Consulting Associates
  Best Practices and Lessons from Parking Policies in Europe (P11-0305) 
     Michael Kodransky - ITDP Institute for Transportation and Development Policy
  Cutting-Edge Practice from San Francisco Urban Partnership Project SFPark (P11-0439) 
     Jay Primus - San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency
  Implications of Results: Panel Discussion (P11-0442) 
     Richard W. Willson - California Polytechnic State University, Pomona
     Todd Alexander Litman - Victoria Transport Policy Institute, Canada
     David King - Columbia University
     Jack Opiola - D'Artagnan, LLC
  Audience Participation and Discussion (P11-0448) 

Subject Areas:
  AICP Certification Maintenance Session

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