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TRB 89th Annual Meeting (January 10-14, 2010)
Event Number:499
Event Title:Vehicle Miles Traveled Reduction Targets: Will This Strategy Get the Desired Results?
Event Date:Tuesday, January 12, 2010
Event Location:Hilton, International West
Presiding Officers: Charles E. Howard - Puget Sound Regional Council
Sponsored By: Statewide Multimodal Transportation Planning  (ADA10)
Metropolitan Policy, Planning, and Processes  (ADA20)
Transportation Programming, Planning, and Systems Evaluation  (ADA50)
Environmental Analysis in Transportation  (ADC10)

Event Description:No description available

Several current and proposed transportation policies include targets for reducing vehicle miles traveled (VMT) as a strategy to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from transportation sources, primarily CO2. Paritipants will be able to determine the benefits, drawbacks, and viability of VMT reduction targets, which will be identified as an achievable, effective, and cost-efficient strategy for GHG-CO2 reduction.

  VMT Reduction Targets: Leading Us to Lower Greehhouse Gas Emissions  (P10-0710) 
     Todd Alexander Litman - Victoria Transport Policy Institute, Canada
     Patricia L. Mokhtarian - Georgia Institute of Technology
  VMT Reduction Targets: Leading Us Nowhere  (P10-0723) 
     Alan E. Pisarski - Consultant
     Samuel Staley - Florida State University

Subject Areas:
  Energy and Climate Change
  Investing in Our Transportation Future – BOLD Ideas to Meet BIG Challenges
  AICP Certification Maintenance Session

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