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Session 356
Improving the Quality of Rail Transit Operations
Monday, January 13, 2014 1:30PM - 3:15PM  Signin to Reveal Location Lectern Session | Practice Ready Papers Public Transportation, Rail
Steven H. Abrams, Chicago Transit Authority, presiding
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Rail Transit Systems (AP065)

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TitlePresentation Number
Is This Seat Taken? Multifaceted Research Study to Inform the Chicago Illinois Transit Authority’s Future Rail Car Seating Design
Tara O'Malley, Chicago Transit Authority, presenter
Maulik Vaishnav, Chicago Transit Authority, presenter
Impacts of Real-Time Passenger Information Signs in Rail Stations at the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority
William Chow, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, presenter
David Block-Schachter, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, presenter
Samuel Hickey, Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority, presenter
Improving Response to Unplanned Passenger Rail Disruption: New Method to Locate Rail-Replacement Bus Reserves
Brendan Pender, Institute of Transport Studies, Australia, presenter
Graham Currie, Monash University, Australia, presenter
Alexa Delbosc, Monash University, Australia, presenter
Nirajan Shiwakoti, Monash University, Australia, presenter
Consumer Response to Service Interruption on Washington, D.C., Metro
Richard Voith, Econsult Solutions, Inc., presenter
Peter Angelides, Econsult Solutions, Inc., presenter
Adam Ozimek, Econsult Solutions, Inc., presenter