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Session 668
Reducing Vehicle Trips with Demand Management: Experience from Major Cities, a College Campus, the Summer Olympics, and Hurricane Sandy
Tuesday, January 14, 2014 3:45PM - 5:30PM  Signin to Reveal Location Lectern Session | AICP Certification Maintenance Session | Practice Ready Papers Planning and Forecasting, Policy, Transportation, General
William R. Loudon, DKS Associates, Inc., presiding
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Transportation Demand Management (ABE50)

This session provides reports on experience with transportation demand management (TDM) strategies from a wide variety of settings. Included among the strategies used are congestion pricing, parking pricing, vehicle licensing quotas, enhanced transit services, transit fare subsidy, bikesharing, and traveler information. The effectiveness of TDM strategies is evaluated with traveler surveys, monitoring of vehicle use, and econometric modeling and statistical analysis.

TitlePresentation Number
Impact of Parking Prices and Transit Fares on Mode Choice at the University of California, Berkeley
Frank Roland Proulx, University of California, Berkeley, presenter
Brian Cavagnolo, Urban Mapping, Inc., presenter
Mariana Torres-Montoya, Louis Berger Group, Inc., presenter
Heshuang Zeng, EMBARQ/World Resources Institute, presenter
Dario Hidalgo, EMBARQ/World Resources Institute, presenter
Akshay Mani, EMBARQ India, presenter
Travel Demand Management and the Big Scare: Impacts and Lessons on Travel in London During the 2012 Summer Olympic Games
Graham Currie, Monash University, Australia, presenter
Adam Jones, University of Brighton, United Kingdom, presenter
Janet Woolley, University of Brighton, United Kingdom, presenter
NYSDOT and Hurricane Sandy: Operational Impacts and Lessons Learned
Edward Louis Mark, New York State Department of Transportation, presenter
Superficial Fairness of Beijing's Vehicle License Lottery Policy
Jinhua Zhao, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, presenter
Tracy (Xiao Jie) Chen, University of British Columbia, Canada, presenter
David Block-Schachter, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, presenter