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Session 503
Effects of and Adaptation to Climate Change in Transportation Systems
Tuesday, January 14, 2014 8:00AM - 9:45AM  Signin to Reveal Location Lectern Session | AICP Certification Maintenance Session Energy, Environment, Hot Topic: Extreme Weather Events
Thomas Abdallah, New York City Transit Authority, presiding
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Waste Management and Resource Efficiency in Transportation (ADC60)

Global modeling to become more common and potentially more damaging in the future. Hurricane Sandy had a major impact on New York City’s mass transit system, which resides in many places below ground and close to the coast. The panel will discuss what was done to get New York’s system up and running and what future mitigation will be employed; examples from around the world on how different countries deal with the threat of flooding and storm surge will be given.

TitlePresentation Number
Investing in U.S. Transportation Systems and Post-Sandy Adaptation
Thomas Lewis, Louis Berger Group, Inc., presenter
Benefit-Cost Evaluation for a Tidal Barrier
Michael Tumulty, STV Incorporated, presenter
Infrastructure and Water Management in the Netherlands
Niek Veraart, Louis Berger Group, Inc., presenter
Overview of Climate Change Adaptation Strategies for Transportation Agencies
Steven Eget, Dewberry, presenter
NYCTA's Accomplishments and Plans
Angelo Elmi, MTA New York City Transit, presenter