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Session 538
State Department of Transportation CEO Critical Issues Roundtable, Part 1: Funding and Financing (Part 2, Session 589; Part 3, Session 650)
Tuesday, January 14, 2014 10:15AM - 12:00PM  Signin to Reveal Location Lectern Session Finance, Policy
John Schroer, Tennessee Department of Transportation, presiding
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The nation has been locked in a rigorous debate about deficits and taxes, which has diverted Congressional attention from the investment needed to improve transportation system performance. The divisions in Congress reflect different visions Americans have about the scope of federal government’s roles and interests, including raising taxes and user fees to fund infrastructure investment. Should states plan on shouldering greater funding responsibility over the long term, and if so, how?

TitlePresentation Number
Scott E. Bennett, Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department, presenter
Greg Whirley, Virginia Department of Transportation, presenter
John Cox, Wyoming Department of Transportation, presenter