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Workshop 151
The Next 50 Years in Travel Analysis: What We Don’t Know but Need to Know
Sunday, January 12, 2014 9:00AM - 12:00PM  Signin to Reveal Location Spotlight Session | Workshop Planning and Forecasting
David T. Hartgen, The Hartgen Group, presiding
Sponsored By:
Traveler Behavior and Values (ADB10)
Effects of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) on Travel Choices (ADB20)
Transportation Network Modeling (ADB30)
Transportation Demand Forecasting (ADB40)
Transportation Planning Applications (ADB50)

The past 50 years have seen major advances in travel analysis, modeling, and forecasting, yet the basic four-step paradigm is largely unchanged. Many new policies cannot be easily evaluated. Model accuracy is highly uncertain, and different paradigms are probably needed. This workshop discusses how travel analysis can or should advance over the next 50 years, looking at policy needs, knowledge needs, and steps forward. The audience will participate thorough comments, handouts, and votes.

TitlePresentation Number
Ram M. Pendyala, Arizona State University, presenter
Setting the Stage
David T. Hartgen, The Hartgen Group, presenter
What Subject Issues Will We Face? What Will "Clients" Ask of Us?
Rebekah Straub Anderson, Ohio Department of Transportation, presenter
Steven E. Polzin, University of South Florida, presenter
How Should Models be Used in Academia and in Practice? How Can We Accelerate Tech Transfer?
Tom van Vuren, Mott MacDonald Limited, United Kingdom, presenter
Audience Participation
The State of Our Knowledge
Chandra R. Bhat, University of Texas, Austin, presenter
What Do We Need to Know to Analyze These Issues?
Mark Bradley, Resource Systems Group, Inc., presenter
Panel Discussion: What Are the Limitations of Our Current Knowledge?
Kay W. Axhausen, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich, presenter
Deborah Niemeier, University of California, Davis, presenter
Antonio Paez, McMaster University, Canada, presenter
Audience Participation
How Should We Proceed?
Konstadinos G. Goulias, University of California, Santa Barbara, presenter
David T. Hartgen, The Hartgen Group, presenter
Ken Cervenka, Federal Transit Administration, presenter
Eric J. Miller, University of Toronto, Canada, presenter
Audience Participation