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Call For Papers
Call For Papers
TRB 94th Annual Meeting
January 11-15, 2015
Call Title:
Call for Papers on Bicycle and Pedestrian Data for TRB 2015
Sponsoring Committee:
ABJ35 - Highway Traffic Monitoring
Co-Sponsoring Committee(s):
ABJ35(3) - Bicycle and Pedestrian Data
Call Description:
The TRB Bicycle and Pedestrian Data Subcommittee (ABJ35(3)) seeks research papers for presentation and/or possible publication on aspects of bicycle and pedestrian data.

Advances in data gathering technology have presented the opportunity to automatically collect data on non-motorized modes of travel. This presents data management opportunities and challenges. Although data collection programs for motorized travel have been operating for the last few decades, do they provide an adequate framework that is transferable to the field of non-motorized modes? What circumstances, such as the effect of weather, influence non-motorized travel and make it unique from the motorized side of travel? How can lessons learned from collecting and managing motorized data programs be leveraged in developing national, regional and local non-motorized data programs?

Similar to the call from last year, the aim of this call for papers is to expand and improve the field of bicycle and pedestrian data. Topics for papers include, but are not limited to:

Program Design

• Considerations in developing a non-motorized counting program

• Project Development (implementing policies that require installing new sites during construction, creating data program site selection criteria, implementing policies that ensure NMT [non motorized travel] data collection, etc.)

• Augmenting data with information from partner entities

• Sampling Strategies for permanent and short-duration monitoring locations

• Organizational expansion of existing programs to include non-motorized data

• Non-motorized Data Analysis and Planning Activities

• Comprehensive NMT data program evaluations

• Designing performance measures that drive decision making processes

• The integration of Transportation and Environmental considerations is NMT program design


• Alternative sensing technologies for bicycles and pedestrians

• Evaluation and experience with automatic counting equipment technologies

• Continuous, Real-Time Data

• Origin-Destination and Travel Time Technologies

• Site selection and methods for establishing continuous versus short duration count data collection locations

• Mobile devices used for data collection and associated applications

Data Handling – Annualization, Adjusting, QA/QC and Factoring Data

• Data Sampling Techniques, Selection Methods and Implementation

• Data Handling Methodologies

• Accounting for Variations (Equipment Validation, Temporal, Seasonal , Weather, etc)

• Development of a methodology for incorporating the effects of weather on volumes

• Data Publication

• Data Annualization (Factoring)

• Automation, Calculation, Quality Control and Management of Statistics for non-motorized data

A National Repository of Data

• Considerations in establishing a data repository

• Data sharing (Methodologies, Integration, Conversion, etc.)

• Primary uses and users of the data

• MAP21 focus on performance measures and the effect on reporting data

• Strategies for communicating data to decision makers, clients and the public

• System architecture, business process development and effective methods for implementing data clearinghouses

Papers for publication and/or presentation must be submitted before August 1, 2014.

Submission of complete papers, conforming to TRB standards and format, is required for consideration. Papers may be submitted for presentation only. Each paper will be peer-reviewed according to TRB procedures. TRB paper specifications are found online (

At the bottom of the TRB paper submission form, please indicate your paper is intended for the Bicycle and Pedestrian Data Subcommittee (#ABJ35(3)). Be sure to include this Subcommittee name and number with the paper submission.

Authors who submit papers in response to the Call for Papers should notify the coordinators (Scott Brady & Liz Stolz) with the paper number and title.


Liz Stolz

Sprinkle Consulting


Scott Brady, MS, MCP.

Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission


Subject Areas(s):
Pedestrians and Bicyclists

Authors interested in submitting papers are advised to visit and review the Information for Authors. Authors submitting papers in response to this Call for Papers should submit full papers for peer review to the Transportation Research Board online at This paper submission is open from June 1 to August 1. Please show the sponsoring committee name or the Call for Papers title on the papers submission form. Please contact the Call for Papers organizer if you are submitting a paper or need additional information.

Paper Submission Requirements

TRB has a single paper submittal deadline for the Annual Meeting. Papers must be in PDF format and submitted by August 1. The paper submission website will close when it is no longer August 1 anywhere in the world. Also, authors are asked to add line numbering to their papers in their word-processing program (starting with number one on each page) prior to converting to PDF to facilitate the review process. TRB recommends that authors submit their papers well before the deadline to avoid last minute complications and delays.

Call Organizer:
Scott Brady (

Call For Papers · TRB 94th Annual Meeting · January 11-15, 2015
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