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Call For Papers
Call For Papers
TRB 93rd Annual Meeting
January 12-16, 2014
Call Title:
Intermodal Evacuation, Simulation Modeling, and Economic Impact
Sponsoring Committee:
ANB80T - Emergency Evacuation
Co-Sponsoring Committee(s):
ABE40 - Critical Transportation Infrastructure Protection
AHB20 - Freeway Operations
AHB25 - Traffic Signal Systems
Call Description:
The emergency evacuation task force is looking for papers that discuss any or all parts of the full spectrum of evacuation activities including policy, planning, forecasting, control and economic impacts due to the disruption of intermodal transportation networks. Papers should highlight intermodal systems and can be pre-disaster or post-disaster studies.

Evacuations vary from buildings to metro areas involving millions of people. The reasons for evacuations are generally divided into two cateorgies, man made (during events such as campus shootings and bombings) and natural. During evacuations, normal transportation operations are disrupted or become practically unavailable or completely shut down. In most evacuations, the exiting traffic from the evacuation areas conflict with incoming emergency rescue vehicles. Due to those chacteristics, emergency evacuations are generally carried out in multi-modal and intermodal transportation systems involving at least two modes, which include pedestrian, bicycle, buses, private vehicles, rapid transit, guided rail, light rail and passenger rail, air transportation, etc.

In association with the Freeway Operations Committee, Traffic Signal Committee…, and the National Center for Intermodal Transportaion Center for Economic Competitiveness, a call for intermodal transportation modeling, simulation and Economics Impact of Intermodal Network Disruptions is recommended for the following topics, but not limited to:

•Intermodal evacuation traffic simulation modeling

•Intermodal evacuation operations modeling and optimization

•Intermodal evacuation traffic conflict operations and safety

•Intermodal evacuation and rescue and response routing plans

•Intermodal evacuation plans and hospital location selection

•Intermodal aftermath recovery operations, logistics etc.

•Intermodal transportation disruption cost estimation and retrofitting benefit cost studies.

The call encourages students, faculty and researchers associated with US DOT UTC projects to submit their research paper. Transportation practitioners are welcome as well. An abstract is recommended.

Subject Areas(s):
Operations and Traffic Management
Public Transportation
Security and Emergencies

Authors interested in submitting papers are advised to visit and review the Information for Authors. Authors submitting papers in response to this Call for Papers should submit full papers for peer review to the Transportation Research Board online at This paper submission is open from June 1 to August 1. Please show the sponsoring committee name or the Call for Papers title on the papers submission form. Please contact the Call for Papers organizer if you are submitting a paper or need additional information.

Paper Submission Requirements

TRB has a single paper submittal deadline for the Annual Meeting. Papers must be in PDF format and submitted by August 1. The paper submission website will close when it is no longer August 1 anywhere in the world. Also, authors are asked to add line numbering to their papers in their word-processing program (starting with number one on each page) prior to converting to PDF to facilitate the review process. TRB recommends that authors submit their papers well before the deadline to avoid last minute complications and delays.

Call Organizer:
Li Zhang (

Call For Papers · TRB 93rd Annual Meeting · January 12-16, 2014
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