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Call For Papers
Call For Papers
TRB 91st Annual Meeting
January 22-26, 2012
Call Title:
Modelling pedestrians and motorized traffic
Sponsoring Committee:
ANF10 - Pedestrians
Co-Sponsoring Committee(s):
AHB45 - Traffic Flow Theory and Characteristics
Call Description:
This call addresses the context of modeling and simulation of traffic and pedestrian flows.

Societal issues present and future (aging, public health, development of new transportation modes) require a better knowledge of pedestrian travels and behaviors as well as their interactions with the environment. To carry out this work, simulation tools are playing an increasingly important role for infrastructure design, network operation and new mobile services. Moreover pedestrian simulation tools today take little account of the heterogeneity and dynamic features of the environment, when pedestrians walk on sidewalks or cross a street, the latter being the opportunity for important interactions between pedestrians and drivers.

Papers are invited on the following topics:

Modelling and simulation topics

- data collection (from GIS itineraries to the fine trajectories)

* tools to collect, to extract

* data standards for the datasets

- microscopic level

* interaction between pedestrians and drivers (shared space, street crossing)

* similarities, differences between traffic networks and pedestrian networks

* collision avoidance models: similarities, differences

* calibration and validation topics

- macroscopic level:

* fundamental diagram

- can we transfer what we know about motorized traffic flow to pedestrian flow?

* O/D matrices

* Dynamic Traffic Assignment for pedestrians

* Interaction between pedestrian and motorized traffic flow

urban planning and design

Application topics

- shared space

- commercial area parking

- urban traffic regulation

- pedestrian health and the vehicle gas emission

- pedestrian safety assessment (based on observations, accidents or surrogate events, or the simulation of pedestrian motorized traffic)

Call organizers:

Jean-Michel Auberlet

Serge Hoogendoorn

Nicolas Saunier

Tarek Sayed

Subject Areas(s):
Data and Information Technology
Pedestrians and Bicyclists
Safety and Human Factors

Authors interested in submitting papers are advised to visit and review the Information for Authors. Authors submitting papers in response to this Call for Papers should submit full papers for peer review to the Transportation Research Board online at This paper submission is open from June 1 to August 1. Please show the sponsoring committee name or the Call for Papers title on the papers submission form. Please contact the Call for Papers organizer if you are submitting a paper or need additional information.

Paper Submission Requirements

TRB has a single paper submittal deadline for the Annual Meeting. Papers must be in PDF format and submitted by August 1, 2011. The paper submission website will close when it is no longer August 1 anywhere in the world. Also, authors are asked to add line numbering to their papers in their word-processing program (starting with number one on each page) prior to converting to PDF to facilitate the review process. TRB recommends that authors submit their papers well before the deadline to avoid last minute complications and delays.

Call Organizer:
Jean-Michel Auberlet (

Call For Papers · TRB 91st Annual Meeting · January 22-26, 2012
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