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Call For Papers
Call For Papers
TRB 91st Annual Meeting
January 22-26, 2012
Call Title:
Bridge Life Cycle Cost Analysis
Sponsoring Committee:
AHD35 - Bridge Management
Co-Sponsoring Committee(s):
AHD35(2) - Bridge Life Cycle Cost Analysis
Call Description:
Transportation agencies are continually under pressure to 'do more with less' in the stewardship of their bridge infrastructure. One of the key management methods to address this challenge is a program of strategically-timed preservation and risk mitigation actions that extend the life of bridges and postpone the need for more expensive rehabilitation or replacement.

In order to identify and evaluate candidates for strategic preservation activities, agencies employ bridge life cycle cost analysis (BLCCA). This technique quantifies the rate of deterioration of bridge elements, the risk of natural and man-made hazards, the costs of preventive and corrective actions, and the effect of such actions. It provides a quantitative way of evaluating alternative strategies in terms of the scope and timing of work at the bridge level; and the effect of alternative investment levels at the network level.

This Call for Papers solicits papers on the subject of bridge life cycle cost analysis, which will be of interest to researchers and practitioners. Any of the following aspects would be of value:

* Description of new methods for quantifying life cycle costs, or quantifying any of the typical inputs to life cycle cost analysis (deterioration, unit costs, risk, resilience, effectiveness of actions, etc.)

* Case studies or quantitative results of life cycle cost analysis, or of any of the inputs of such analysis. For example, quantitative deterioration or cost models for a particular agency.

* Applications of life cycle cost analysis in program development, priority setting, optimization, or other decision support tools.

* Methods or applications of methods for tradeoff analysis among alternative preservation strategies, or for tradeoffs among competing objectives that include life cycle cost.

* Methods or applications for evaluating non-agency life cycle costs, such as user costs or environmental costs.

Subject Areas(s):
Administration and Management
Bridges and Other Structures
Maintenance and Preservation

Authors interested in submitting papers are advised to visit and review the Information for Authors. Authors submitting papers in response to this Call for Papers should submit full papers for peer review to the Transportation Research Board online at This paper submission is open from June 1 to August 1. Please show the sponsoring committee name or the Call for Papers title on the papers submission form. Please contact the Call for Papers organizer if you are submitting a paper or need additional information.

Paper Submission Requirements

TRB has a single paper submittal deadline for the Annual Meeting. Papers must be in PDF format and submitted by August 1, 2011. The paper submission website will close when it is no longer August 1 anywhere in the world. Also, authors are asked to add line numbering to their papers in their word-processing program (starting with number one on each page) prior to converting to PDF to facilitate the review process. TRB recommends that authors submit their papers well before the deadline to avoid last minute complications and delays.

Call Organizer:
Paul D. Thompson (

Call For Papers · TRB 91st Annual Meeting · January 22-26, 2012
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